HyperSpermia Side Effects

Hyperspermia is a condition in which the volume of sperms increases up to an abnormal level. It is not a harmful condition and can be treated by following some precautions. There is an upper limit of volume of sperms i.e. 5.5 ml. If the volume of sperms or semen cross this level in single ejaculation, then it is termed as hyperspermia. Hyperspermia have many effects on health of patient. There may be many reasons behind hyperspermia.

And every reason imparts different symptoms of hyperspermia. Hyperspermia have main negative effects on fertility and mental health. In case of fertility, hyperspermia if left untreated my cause infertility. In hyperspermia, there is accumulation of sperms or semen in testicles and this long term accumulation of sperms and semen cause death of various sperm cells and leads to infertility. Upon ejaculation, these dead sperm cells when join with egg, it doesn't form zygote and no babies can be produced. Fertilization has a great impact on patient life. This can ultimately make patient psychologically ill.

Hyperspermia cause various side effects on brain and physical health. Patient with hyperspermia may feel weakness in body after every ejaculation. A load of sperms or semen is released on every ejaculation which causes pain. Hyperspermia on regular basis makes patient physically weak. Masturbation or sexual activity on regular basis along with hyperspermia may affect over all health of person. It might lead to sperm motility problems, osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

Another main effect of hyperspermia is on mental health. Patient does not feel psychologically happy. Due to infertility, patient get depressed due to psychological effect. If hyperspermia persist for longer duration then patient may also become a patient of depression and anxiety.

In such cases, patient have to be treated for both situations i.e. hyperspermia and anxiety. Hyperspermia can only be treated by following some precautions and anxiety needs some physical exercises and medications. Sometimes treating hyperspermia may make patient free of anxiety and depression. Infertility is counted as a main cause for mental problem. So treating infertility may relief mental stress.

Other than these side effects, there are some hormonal changes in men which occur due to hyperspermia. These hormonal changes causes mood swings. Some heavy mood swings leads to sudden anxiety, happiness and sudden sorrow. And patient can't control all these mood swings. Fatigue is a major indication of hyperspermia. This is because of discharging heavy load of sperms or semen fluid.

All these are the side effects of hyperspermia but there are also some side effects of medications used for the treatment of hyperspermia. Most of the side effects associated with hyperspermia are short term and diminish with the passage of time.

HyperSpermia Fertility

Hyperspermia is the increased volume of sperms on every ejaculation. The volume of sperms or semen increases up to an abnormal level and exceeds the upper limit i.e. 5.5 ml. Hyperspermia is a medical condition and does not harm patient. It may occur due to many causes. Some common causes are use of medications and increased interval between sexual activity. It has prominent symptoms which helps a lot in diagnosis of hyperspermia. Hyperspermia can be treated in many ways according to the type of cause behind it. The treatment or prevention in hyperspermia should be on time because a bit of negligence may lead it to severe complications.

Infertility is the main and common complication of hyperspermia. Infertility is the inability to reproduce babies. As one of the cause mentioned above is increased gap between sexual activity. During this duration, the sperms are keep producing and accumulate in testicles. When patient does not perform any sexual activity for long time, these sperms start dying and become inactive. These sperms when release in ejaculation, will no more be able to get fuse with egg in ovaries of women and form zygote.

This is the main cause of infertility in men. Infertility depends upon the concentration of sperms released in single discharge. Usually fertility is not affected by hyperspermia but in some cases, it mainly affects fertility leading to more complications. There is a belief that if the concentration of sperms is equal to the volume of semen, then there are increased chances of fertility. It also depends upon the consistency of discharge i.e. if the semen volume is thin in consistency, then the sperms become diluted and as a result there are decreased chances of fertility in men. Infertility occurs in men due to two main reasons i.e. decreased concentration of sperms in men and decreased concentration of active sperms in single stream of sperms upon every ejaculation.

Low sperm count in men can not totally make him infertile but he may make his partner pregnant but it will take some time. This delay is due to the less sperm concentration in men. Lower the sperm count, lower will be the chances of pregnancy.

In another case, if the sperm count is normal but the semen volume increases, there will be no affect on fertility of men. This is because the sperm count is same which is responsible for fertilization.
Other than infertility, another main complication is miscarriages. Men with hyperspermia may cause increase number of miscarriages in her partner. This may affect their sexual life and make them mentally disturbed.

Infertility is not common with hyperspermia but if it is neglected for a time , then there are chances of infertility in men. Sometimes infertile men with low sperm count become successful in making their partner pregnant but it take some time i.e. within months or it can take years. This was all about infertility  in men due to hyperspermia. Infertility can be treated by treating hyperspermia on time.
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