Monday, January 30, 2017

HyperSpermia Symptoms

Hyperspermia is a medical condition in which men experience increased volume of sperms in every ejaculation. The volume is either equal or more than 5.5 ml. This condition is considered harmless by many men but after some time or 3 to 4 ejaculations, patient starts experiencing some symptoms. Talking about the symptoms of hyperspermia, the main or common symptoms are described below.

Increased volume of sperms is the main symptom of hyperspermia. There is a limit of sperms or semen discharged in every sex encounter. The maximum limit of sperms in every ejaculation should be 6.3 ml i.e. 0.21 ounces. But if the volume of sperms exceed this level, then hyperspermia is confirmed.

There are some researchers who has defined another volume range of sperms. The range starts from 6 ml to 6.5 ml i.e. 0.2 to 0.22 ounces of sperms. This range of volume of sperms confirms hyperspermia.

  1. Patient takes long time for ejaculation. This is because of thick consistency of sperms or semen.
  2. When patient takes time for ejaculation, he may experience pain. It is hard for men to ejaculate a thick or concentrated volume of sperms. So it causes pain.
  3. After ejaculation of sperms, patient may feel weakness. After discharge, he may feel himself light and experience fatigue.
  4. Ejaculation of sperms make men tired. As increased time for ejaculation along with weakness and fatigue induces shortness of breath.
  5. Sometimes patient feels dizziness and tiredness after every discharge.
  6. After every sperm discharge, patient may experience a light volume of thin semen. This is the exact indication of presence of hyperspermia.
  7. People with hyperspermia have higher sexual desires as compared to other men who usually do sexual mating with their partners.
  8. These are the main symptoms of hyperspermia. Men experiencing all these symptoms should consult their doctor on time. As delay in treatment may worsen the condition.
  9. Patient with hyperspermia experience infertility. As people who don't do sexual mating with their partners usually, the sperms or semen start accumulating inside the testicles. A long term accumulation of sperms make them dead or disabled. These dead cells when ejaculated or discharged, will be no more functional. So these cells won't be able to fertilize egg and made the pregnancy difficult. This is the point of mental stress for men.
  10. The sexual organ of men i.e. penis, stretches and causes pain. Men with hyperspermia feels tightness in penis while ejaculation or discharge. This tightness is sometimes unbearable.
  11. Patient experience pain in back after every heavy ejaculation. Sometimes this pain is unbearable and patient may fall and get faint.
  12. If the color of sperms is yellowish it may be due to long term accumulation and this is the indication of presence of hyperspermia.
  13. Presence of thin semen at the end of every discharge, also indicates hyperspermia.
  14. Patient with hyperspermia experience errection problem. Erectile dysfunction is observed sometimes because of poor errection.
  15. Another problem experienced by patients is of impotence. There are possibles of male impotence and some other similar problems.
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