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HyperSpermia Meaning

Hyperspermia is a condition in which in which the amount of sperms (released in a single) time increases. Sperms are also called semen. Usually the volume of sperms does not exceed 5.5 ml in a single ejaculation. But exceeding the volume of 5.5 ml indicates the presence of hyperspermia. It is a kind of medical problem which cannot be diagnosed easily because mostly men with hyperspermia think that it is a good sign of better health and ability to reproduce babies. If men continue ejaculating sperms with this volume in every sexual mating, then it may cause many problems like weakness, some fertility issues, poor erection (erectile dysfunction) and many more problems. Other problems related to hyperspermia are critical. Men experience large ejaculation volume at abnormal level.


Hypospermia is a term opposite to hyperspermia. In hypospermia, the volume of semen or sperms is not enough to reproduce babies. There may be many reasons behind hyperspermia and excessive production of sperms in the testicles. Testicles are the secondary sex glands which are responsible for production of semen. When a person does not have sex for a long time, and does not even masturbate, then there may be fluid buildup in testicles and leads to hyperspermia whenever he ejaculates sperms or semen.

In that case, the ejculated sperms or semen have maximum dead or disabled sperms. These are of no use and do not participate in reproduction. Increase in the volume of seminal fluid is another main cause of hyperspermia. Seminal fluid volume when increases, it dilutes the concentrated sperms or semen. This dilution causes problems in fertilization. In case, when the volume or amount of semen is equal to the volume or amount of sperms then there are increased chances of fertility. Men feel the strength to reproduce babies.

Hyperspermia Definition

Defining hyperspermia is a simple task because it is not a complicated medical condition. It can be defined as during sexual discharge, men experience increased amount of sperms in single ejaculation volume which more than or almost equal to the 5.5 ml. Most of the men consider it is a harmless medical disorder and there are no risks related to it. Usually men with hyperspermia experience less symptoms and feels good after ejaculating sperms. But infact this is not a good sign because patient feels weakness and fatigue after every discharge.

There are various risks and complications which may be experienced later. Patient face fertilization issues because of dead or disabled sperms. Sometimes men does not find it good to have a lot of volume of sperms because they feel irritation with thick and concentrated sperm release. Talking about symptoms of hyperspermia, initially it is asymptomatic and does not show any specific symptoms infact patient feels good. But with the passage of time or upon 2nd or 3rd ejaculation one after the other start inducing symptoms like discomfort and pain and irritation. Along with these he also experience mental disturbance after having thick concentrated ejaculation volume of sperms.
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